10 Years Impedance PCB

From impedance multilayers to patch antennas

The first project with impedance controll was carried out at ANDUS 10 years ago. At this time motherboard PCBs with a high number of layers were developed for industrial computers, where clock rates exceeded a critical point and impedance adjustment became necessary.

In close collaboration with the layouter the design of the board was defined considering the new requirements. Corresponding PCBs were manufactured and proved by cross section analysis. When comparing geometries and measured impedances, impedance could be guaranteed with 10% tolerance.

To cary out impedance measurements faster, ANDUS bought a test equipment short time after starting impedance adjustment. Since then, all customers could be provided with tested impedances and the recorded values.

Meanwhile a lot of different projects were made, while ANDUS could improve its competences upto special requirements:

  • 39 diferent impedance configruations of signal lines and reference planes
  • Further impedance values beyond the usual 50 and diff. 100 Ohms, e.g. 150 Ohm
  • PCB structrures as RF components:  filter, resonatores, patch antennas, ...
  • RF materials: Rogers, Taconic, Arlon
  • impedance adaption down to 5% tolerance and less.