ANDUS is ready for REACH

New EU Regulation

REACH is short for „Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals“ and the name of an EU regulation on chemicals in force since 1st June 2007. REACH fundamentally harmonises and simplifies any previous regulations on chemicals.

Based on the principle “no data, no market“ only those chemical substances registered beforehand may be put in circulation within the territory in which REACH is applied. The six-month period to pre-register certain substances began on 1st June 2008.

ANDUS ELECTRONIC GmbH is one of the so-called “downstream users” and is not obliged to register substances according to the REACH regulation.

We only order our chemicals from suppliers within the EU. As a consequence we are not subject to any duties applied to importers according to REACH.

In order to guarantee continuity for all product supplies and processes, we closely work together with our chemicals suppliers. It can be assumed that the chemicals we use for PCB production have been pre-registered by our suppliers and will thus also be available in future.

You can download a statement by ANDUS on REACH (German) from our website.
There is also available a German statement by ANDUS on RoHS compliance.

Here you get REACH Informations by the German federal environmental agency.
Here you get more information on REACH at Wikipedia.