SMD heatsink

SMD heatsink with separated potentials

For electronic cooling in the high-performance range it is tried to place the hot components directly on suitable surfaces like heatsinks, cooling elements or aluminium casings if possible. This aims at optimising the thermal contacting of the cased or uncased semi-conductors without interlayers.


Components whose cooling surfaces are potential-free or which have the same potentials can be assembled on the same metal carrier without insulation. Otherwise, additional insulating measures are necessary. However, these do not only require additional assembly work but also affect the thermal performance of the construction.


Against this background, ANDUS has developed a heatsink with separated potentials for an application with several COB components. As with the 3 mm copper heatsink, contacting is done via the laminated multi-layer FR4 PCB with windows (see illustration). The individual semi-conductor chips are glued into these gaps so they are electro-conductive and contacted via wire bonding. What’s new is that the individual heatsink surfaces are now electrically separated from each other.


Due to its innovative construction, the complete package has an enormous packing density so that on the current matchbox-sized module power losses of up to several 100 Watt can be dissipated. A true high-performance module!


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Illustration: FR4 PCB with windows on conventional 3mm copper heatsink