High current and maximum SMD cooling

High current PCB "X-Cool SMT"

The new high current PCB technology "X-Cool SMT" enriches the capabilities of ANDUS in the field of thermal management.

Massive copper bars are embedded into the PCB. Exposed parts of these bars can be assebled direct
e. g. with cooling pads of SMD components.

X-Cool SMT
          SMD-Pads of 1 mm massive copper inlay

The main advantage is the convenience at assembly of SMD components: The configuration allows direct solder contact of components to the internal copper bars with cross sections of 10 mm² and even more. Such cross sections are hardly to build up in conventional PCB technologies.

       Build up of a high current PCB "X-Cool SMT"

The "X-Cool SMT" PCB can also be connected with other assembling methods:

                     -  Reflow/Solder wave of SMD/THT
                     -  Wire bonding
                     -  Screwing in terminal tags or tap holes
                     -  Blind holes from the outer layers
                     -  Press fit contacts

Characteristical for this technology is the high degree of freedom when designing high current PCBs.

The goal are PCBs which reduce costs of series products significantly, compared to conventional solutions. Experiences show that the combination of currents from 100 A with appopriate control electronics will profit by "X-Cool SMT" in many cases due to reduced assebling and mounting costs
and reduced assebly space.

More informations of the high current PCB "X-Cool SMT" is available in the new chapter T6.1 in our technology CD V6.online in the login area (German only).