Galvanic Solder Deposit

Lead-free PCB finishes are common since RoHS regulation, but demand on leaded surfaces is still remaining, occasionally. Thus galvanic solder deposits from tin and lead SnPb60/40 containing 60% tin and 40% lead is needed. This deposit can be fused to protect the rough and porous surface which builds a shiny ball. In contrast to HAL SnPb is the more uniform solder layer, especially when higher thicknesses are applied. If the deposit is not refounded, the even surface can be processed easily with special packaging and connection techniques like bar soldering.
            Galvanic Solder Deposit

To support also special requirements e.g. from medical, military and aerospace industry, ANDUS still offers the following PCB surface finishes:     

  • HAL (HASL) SnPb
  • Galvanic Tin/Lead 60/40 refounded (fused)
  • Galvanic Tin/Lead 60/40 as solder deposit