ANDUS invests in Software

"Calculation of current load capabilities"

More and more electronic developers who work at borderline of current load capability in printed circuits would like to have more precise predictions by calculations.

In most cases, present PCB technologies should be retained while layouts are adapted to avoid overheating of the PCBs by power loss of conductors and components.
Until now current load predictions were carried out by rating or guessing. But most actual assemblies show compact layouts and stack-ups, so this methods fail.

Since autumn 2011 ANDUS registers a huge increase of multilayer PCBs for motor controllers and high current PCBs. To further on increase competence, ANDUS decided to invest in a special calculation software. This tool can read in PCB data and output exact temperature distributions and current density maps, e.g. 

So even inaccessable areas can be proven, e.g. current load capability of vias as a function of layout. Also current densities of parallel vias deliveres new knowledge about where to place vias.

ANDUS offers the calculation of current load capability for its customers.
Do not hesitate to contact us for more informations!

            TRM schematic 
(Source: ADAM Research)