New Plasma Process

ANDUS Implements New Plasma Process

Growing compexity of PCBs from high-frequency materials have motivated ANDUS to implement a new plasma process. By this investment, ANDUS is able to pretreat all known materials before plating and carry out PTH process afterwards. In combination with both electroless copper processes and the direct plating process ANDUS has a broad variety of possibilities of metallizing special polymers.
Beside usual PTFE materials from Rogers or Taconic, also LCP base material can be copper plated. Even polystyrene has been treated successfully for a special project. You may reckon that other polymers can be pretreated as well. Corresponding qualifications are under way.
Characteristical for the new process is amongst others its reducing effect. So the surface not only is much more wettable after plasma process, but also chemically changed to obtain a reliable plating when using electroless copper processes.

Plasma Process