Large Twist Capsules

A novel application for ultra-long FPCs

In cooperation with a renowned industrial partner, a 5-meter flexible printed circuit board was developed and produced for satellite communications, which is being utilized in a new European telecommunications satellite program.

The highlight of the ANDUS flexible technology is not only its maximal length of up to 5 meters, but also its structural make-up, consisting of up to four layers to provide for higher rates of data exchange.

In the concrete application the flexible printed circuit board is used as a supply and data connector between the main and laser module. The minimal amount of torque exerted upon the laser module by the circuit board and the ability to transport higher volumes of data via impedance-controlled conductors over four levels make it an absolute novelty in the market.

In contrast to conventional cable solutions, ANDUS technology provides decisive advantages. The Twist Capsule not only can increase the signal density, but also reduce the weight with a minimum of space. The high level of flexibility and the reproducible tensile behavior guarantee the extreme durability and system reliability required.

This technology is suitable for all applications in which the position of the axes (angle, elevation or yaw) can generally be ascertained at less than 360° with a twist capsule. This presents completely new solutions, for instance, in electric optical sensor systems (E-O systems) with complex high speed data or signal transmission.

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                     Ultra-long flexible Printed Circuit Boards for new Twist Capsule Applications