Chip Test Boards for Super Computers

CPUs of mainframes for banks and public authorities could not be purchased at the next electronics store quickly. These components are rather high-dense ceramic multilayer modules of the size of a square chocolate. Test boards for these CPUs manufactured by ANDUS are equally complex.

These boards exceed the limits of standard PCBs by fare:

•  PCB size is about 580 by 430 mm and will be produced using the currently larges XXL production
•  The design has 26 layers with mainly 70 µm copper thickness.
•  The board thickness of 4 mm and vias of 0.3 mm diameter lead to an aspect ratio of more than 12:1.
•  Annual rings of 75 µm and equally narrow insulation distances require a maximum of precision when
   positioning the inner layers and when drilling the board.
•  Correct impedances are needed for test signals of 3 GHz and more.

These and more uncommon requirements are a welcome stimulus to maintain a technological lead in the interest of our customers. True to the ANDUS motto: "Excellent PCBs from Berlin".

We are also looking forward to your projects. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

                 Chip Test Boards for Super Computers