High Frequency Printed Circuit Boards

Circuit boards for radio applications and transmission rates in the higher GHz range entail special requirements for the substrate:

•  Adjusted relative permittivity, mostly preferably lower or also high
•  Low loss factor for efficient signal transmission
•  Homogenous construction with low tolerances with insulation thickness and relative permittivity

ANDUS provides all customary materials and qualified processing methods for you. This meets even complex requirements - like multilayer constructions, delicate interlayer connections and chemical gold surfaces - reliably and with series quality.

High Frequency Circuit Board High Frequency Circuit Board High Frequency Circuit Board
6 GHz phase lock loop for communications, control and measurement engineering made of RO4003 with an insulation layer thickness of 0.508 mm and coplanar conductor paths for 50 Ohm High-frequency circuit with metallised edges on PTFE basis with very low relative permittivity and minimal attenuation Ultra-flat high-temperature transponder for RFID application with minimal electromagnetic fields on a polyimide film carrier material