Impedance Flex Printed Circuit Boards

Flexible circuit boards offer two essential advantages over FR-4 for HF applications:

•  The film material has clearly less attenuation as compared with FR-4. The tan(δ) values nearly reach those of the HF material.
•  The film thickness is manufactured with more precision than is possible with FR-4 laminates.

Conductor paths can be designed with defined impedance for the transmission of HF signals across flexible or flexirigid areas of a circuit.
Double-layer connections with one signal and one reference level are as common as three-layer circuitry with an effectively coaxial cross section.

Impedance Flex
Flexible connection board of an optronic device for safety applications

Optronic products are used on a number of platforms for land, air, sea and space missions. This connection board is a completely
shielded flexible multilayer board with stripline configuration, the signal lines are visible only on the shielded plugs.