Innovation of the Month

High-Current Project with Embedded Chips

Embedded power components in printed circuit boards (orange box) are a novel derivative of present thick copper and high current PCBs. By integration of semiconductor chips, cooling of dissipation power can be made even more efficient, for no component package and no connection or interface materials have to be run through by heat flow.
In addition, reliability of the semiconductors can be improved by constructing a more homogeneous enviroment and connection techniques.
Connecting chips is carried out by a combination of different methods:

              •   copper filled laser microvias with its very good current load capacity
              •   blind vias from the top directly to bottom thick copper
              •   conventional and new soldering techniques

The PCB shown is the result of a R&D project on feasibility of integrated power modules.

We will inform you about further embedded power components projects.

                          High-Current Project with Embedded Chips