Magnetic Field Manipulators

Ultra-long flexible circuit boards of ANDUS for the fine-tuning of magnetic fields of particle accelerators

In actual use, the ultra-long flexible circuit boards complement the quadrupole magnets required to generate a magnetic field by fine-tuning the magnetic field quickly and efficiently, while also functioning in close proximity to it. Thus, the electron beam is precisely controlled, and the resulting measurements are sharper.

In order to achieve this, it was necessary to integrate a flexible circuit board into a complex flat induction coil with a length of 5 meters, inside an aluminum profile. Furthermore, the requirements for heat resistance of the film materials to be used for the flexible printed circuit board was very high, since ultra-high vacuum systems must be thermally liberated in large accelerators at each evacuation of absorbed particles. For this, the components were baked at higher temperatures of about 200°C. 

The ANDUS solution
•  Flat inductor foil base, produced with a uniform thickness
•  High-resolution, individually tailored coil design
•  Induction leads to up to 4 coils
•  Continuous utilization at up to 150°C, brief utilization at over 275°C

Flat induction coil plus 5 meter flexible printed circuit board equal      Quadrupole magnet