Twist Capsules

With Twist Capsules, electrical signals and supply voltages can be reliably transmitted across swivel joints wherever no continuous rotation (usually less than 360°) is required.

Satellite Communications Solar Array Drive Mechanism Automation Aviation
Satellite Communications Solar Array Drive Mechanism  Automation  Aviation 

The conventional solution
Traditionally, signals and power are transmitted through a slip ring or a Twist Capsule with individual cables that are specially assembled or simply fed through the swivel joint as a cable harness. This can cause excessive tensile stresses, and wear is significantly greater using the slip ring solution.

The ANDUS solution
With the ANDUS Twist Capsule, flexible circuit boards are mounted in a swivel joint capsule.
In contrast to conventional cable solutions, ANDUS technology offers key advantages:

•  Minimum torque and minimum tensile stress between the fixed and rotating part
•  Maximum service life of several million bending cycles thanks to defined bending behaviours
   and significantly lower mechanical wear
•  Minimal weight (e.g. 50 g for a length of 5m)
•  Length free scalable up to 5m, making it ideal for larger diameters
•  Temperature stability up to 150°C
•  High-speed signal transmission with impedance control
•  High power load capacity of over 10 A
•  Radiation resistance

Operating principle Integrated module Calculation tool
Operating principle Integrated module Calculation tool

The ANDUS service package
•  Design of mechanical and electrical parameters in the product configurator
•  Mechanical design and delivery of the complete module in collaboration with the
   company Active Space Technologies
•  Layout preparation
•  Assembly
•  Application-specific tests

You can download more interesting information about our Ultra-long flexible PCBs for large Twist Capsules here.