HDI Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards

The classic multilayer structure is increasingly stretching to its physical limits faced with the ongoing trend toward miniaturisation and the growing level of integration in electronic assemblies. ANDUS accommodates this development by reducing the line widths of conductor paths and distances to 50 µm. The connection with HDI technology, innovative processing techniques like microvias, blind vias and buried vias creates fascinating new options for innovative customer solutions.

HDI Multilayer HDI Multilayer HDI Multilayer HDI Multilayer
Multilayer board for the deconcentration of large BGA processors for digital projectors in
3D cinemas
Synchrotron analysis electronics for scientific research in the field of particle physics, 20 layers of multilayer with
ultra-thin conductors and cover film
on polyimide basis
Embedded system for medical technology, 12 layers of multilayer with double-sided dense SMD mounting Intelligent sensor systems with signal processing in the sensor head