B6-Bridge Circuits

Schematic of a B6-bridge circuit

In countless industrial power electronics applications, the drive control circuit runs on the principle of the implementation of a B6-bridge. Typical automotive applications are:

•  Start-stop systems
•  Electric turbocharger and starter
•  Steering systems and transmission
•  Air compressors and fans

The critical property of such systems is that the starting current can be up to 3 times higher than the current when in continuous operation, leading to high thermal loading on the electrical components.

In order to select the appropriate production technology based on the project requirements, ANDUS has developed the B6-tech configurator. After entering only a few parameters, such as

•  Geometry of the circuit board
•  Electrical values of the components provided
•  Number and type of parallel MOSFETs
•  Distance to the heat sink

the maximum temperature will be displayed on the component, depending on which cooling technology is used. For your application this makes choosing the best method of production quite simple.

B6-tech configurator
These PCB solutions are suitable for driving high-power BLDC engines:

Heavy Copper PCBs
Inner layers up to 400 µm copper

Inlay PCBs
Embedded busbars with up to 3 mm copper

X-Cool PCBs
Direct SMD contact with inlays