Battery Management

High performance electric drives like those used in electric and hybrid vehicles are only possible with an intelligent battery management system.

These management systems are designed to maximize battery charge, reliability, and durability, while also avoiding critical operating conditions such as air leakage, overheating, over-discharge, or over-charge when managing modern high-voltage batteries.

ANDUS-Cell Connectors
The ideal solution for these measurement and control tasks, for example in modern battery pack modules, is to produce a flexible printed circuit board, as it can ideally adapt to the topography of the battery pack.

Battery Switch
To protect the single battery circuits or subnets in a high-voltage battery, these components must be safely disconnected or switched off electronically. ANDUS develops customer-specific battery switches, which are suitable for use with high-performance power MOSFETs, and are also well-suited for extreme duration and peak currents.

Battery Management Battery Management
Cell connector Intelligent battery management system for mobile measurement systems in vehicle testing applications, suitable for use in electrical current testing both while underway and at rest, with built-in CAN and LIN interfaces