LED-Lighting Technology - Cooling with ZeroGap, IMS & Co

LED lamps are the best known applications for IMS materials on isolated aluminium carrier.
With the innovative ZeroGap substrate ANDUS has developed a completely new solution for high power LED electronics.
There are also additional heatsink technologies for brighter, more powerful or special applications, e.g. inlay and X-Cool.

LED Lighting Technology LED Lighting Technology LED Lighting Technology LED Lighting Technology
LEDs in ZeroGap technology on
IMS aluminium carrier
LED spotlight with maximum LED cooling thanks to X-Cool heatsink: The rear copper plate is flush with the assembly level, the SMD LEDs can be soldered directly with the heatsink this way, other LED spotlights dissipate the heat to the copper heatsink via filled microvias Impulse lighting with inlay technology made of massive copper parts, the heat capacity of the metal rapidly stores the head emitted by the LEDs Spot lights for modern stage technology with high-performance LEDs and DMX512 or bus control