Range of Services: Power Printed Circuit Boards

The technical parameters listed here are intended as a first orientation for the ANDUS range of services.

Do you have different requirements? We turn your ideas into reality!
Your ANDUS contact persons will be happy to provide comprehensive advice: from material selection all the way to the completed circuit board.

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Maximum Measurements
 Format   Length 520 mm / Width 535 mm
 Length 470 mm / Width 575 mm
 Thickness  up to 8 mm

   High currents and Power losses
 Power &
Thick copper
Iceberg technique

Inlays, single layered (Busbars) 

Inlays, multilayered 


Leadframe technique 
  Thick copper selektive Thick copper (Iceberg technique) Inlays, single layered (Busbars) Inlays, multilayered X-Cool High Current PCB Leadframe
   Electronics cooling and High temperature
 Power &


 Flex on Alu
Copper heatsink
X-Cool, single sided

 Metal core PCB

 Copper-Invar-Copper (CIC)
  IMS PCBs Flex on Alu Copper heatsink X-Cool, single sided Metal core PCB Copper/
Copper (CIC)

 FR-4  Our Standard:
 Isola: DE104
 HT Material  Nelco 4000-13
 RO4003, RO4350
 PTFE (Teflon)
 Copper  up to 3 mm
 Thick copper technique
 Pattern leveling
 Selektive Thick copper (Iceberg technique)
   Inlays (Busbars)
 Copper filled Micro vias
 Screw connects
   Leadframe technique
 Metal core PCBs
   Copper/Invar/Copper (CIC)