Express System: Rigid Flex & Semi Flex Printed Circuit Boards

Do you have a tight project schedule? Or last minute changes to the product design and time is running out?

If time is of the essence and everything has to work hand in hand, then ANDUS is just the right and reliable partner.
As the inventors of express production, we are completely familiar with the ever more complex challenges presented by our customers.

Go ahead and focus fully on your project - we will handle the realisation of your desired deadline!

You can choose between different schedule levels that are assigned with variable surcharges to compensate for strict adherence to the delivery date.

Rigid Flex &
Semi Flex
Turboblitz Superblitz Blitz Express Eil Schnell Normal
Working days 4 5 7 9 11 13 > 15
 Surcharge 200% 150% 100% 80% 60% 40% 0%

•  Express system also valid for all HDI circuits
•  Non plated through-hole PCBs available after 4 hours
•  1-day service PCBs will be shipped after 24 hours

For your workplace please feel free to download our ANDUS express system as a pdf file.

Adapted to your special project requirements, we will create a customized quote for your PCB prototypes and small series with the fastest possible delivery time.