High Temperature Rigid Flex Printed Circuit Boards

It is an art to manufacture reliable rigid-flexible circuit boards for environments in which temperatures regularly fluctuate between >125°C and <0°C. This is a central requirement especially in automotive engineering because vehicles have to work reliably in Siberia as well as in the desert.

At ANDUS, we have solved this issue with improved materials as well as controlled mechanical and chemical processes by now. A compound made without exception of high-Tg materials with low Z-axis expansion can withstand 1000 temperature cycles. Even after temperatures of -40/150°C, a storage period of 168h at 85°C and a humidity of 85% as well as 3x reflow without pre-drying.

HT Rigid Flex
Cross section of a high-temperature rigid-flexible circuit board after the described test according to IPC J-STD-020C level 1,
the interlayer connections of the circuit board can withstand even very great and repeated temperature changes