QA Standards: Rigid Flex & Semi Flex Printed Circuit Boards

•  Test standards
   ANDUS manufactures all circuit boards according to the acceptance criteria of IPC-A-600 as standard in the

   IPC class 2  =  Electronics with higher reliability requirements

   For applications in medical technology, aerospace technology, military technology or similar industries with vital or safety relevant electronic assemblies, we
   also manufacture according to the

   IPC class 3  =  Electronics with high requirements for reliability, e.g. safety-relevant systems, even in harsh ambient conditions

   We perform the following tests:

   -  Solderability
   -  Heat stress (solder shock test)
   -  Temperature change strain
   -  Delamination test
   -  Climatic resistance/electrochemical corrosion
   -  Ionic contamination
   IPC control strips

•  Test documentation

For the documentation of prototypes or for the first sample inspection, we have developed a standard document (EMPB) that can be adjusted to
   project-specific requirements.

•  QA services

   -  E-test up to 500 V
   -  Micrographic inspections
   -  Fault assessment
   ESD packaging
  Certificate of Conformity (CoC)