Rigid Flexible Printed Circuit Boards

Rigid-flexible circuit boards offer many levels of freedom for the design-in of assemblies in housing. The mechanical structure is therefore an important part of project work. If you utilise the complete potential of rigid-flexible technology for development you will be rewarded with a good price-performance ratio. Because a rigid-flexible unit is much more than just a circuit carrier with adjusted shape. It simultaneously includes the function of cables, plugs, housing parts, attachments, cable ducts and much more - and with clearly less space requirement and fewer critical interfaces at that.

Rigid-flexible Circuit Board Rigid-flexible Circuit Board Rigid-flexible Circuit Board Rigid-flexible Circuit Board
Pacemaker with chip-on-board technology with suitable material and layout for the required reliability High-quality optical measurement engineering with impedance-critical conductor on the asymmetrical flexible layers Miniaturised space-look with camera chip with COB technology Complex rigid-flexible circuit board with many connections and foldable housing parts